Friday, March 20, 2020

Practical Life

Mrs. Salonek preparing a pie for the Solemnity of St. Jospeh
Thursday, March 19
Practical life is an important part of experiential learning. It is part of every Montessori classroom and can be mirrored at home. These activities assist students in developing purposeful life skills for their continued growth and development. This includes refining fine motor and movement skills and practising coordination, planning and problemsolving.

Practical life activities:

  • foster order and sequence; 
  • develop concentration; 
  • foster physical independence; 
  • foster the development of fine motor control; and 
  • provide opportunities for planning and carrying out tasks. 

The Practical Life area also provides children with opportunities to contribute to family life. Inherent in these activities is the development of key executive functions: decision making, organization, problem-solving, impulse control, collaboration and communication. These skills form the foundation of a child’s academic learning. For example, sequencing a task is a pre-reading skill. 

Examples of practical life might include:
  • setting the table; 
  • watering plants; 
  • tidying and organizing rooms; 
  • planning an outing; 
  • taking care of pets; 
  • preparing a snack/meal;
  • helping with shopping lists/budgeting; or 
  • planting a small urban garden. 
Practical life is engaging for children at all stages of development and tasks are designed according to their level of coordination and independence. You can organize a job chart or list of family projects as a way to help guide your child’s interests. Planning and gathering resources to complete the tasks is purposeful work. These ideas foster a sense of contribution, responsibility, shared experiences and satisfaction.

As our children get older, these activities lead naturally to volunteer experiences and beginnings of community work. For our oldest adolescents, many of these practical life experiences are the foundation of their sense of belonging and personal vision.

Helpign with the silverware.

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