Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday of the First Week

Today marks the end of our first week since this "Journey" has begun.

I greeted this morning with a huge smile when I took about the garbage and saw stars in the sky.  My heart was uplifted just by the very thought that we would enjoy a day with sun! I am now seeing the sunrise and listening to the birds sing as though all is well in the world.

This then paused me to ask, "What is well in the world?"

The list becomes longer and longer!

Take a look at all the wonderful works that are happening within the SJB Community!

Start the day with Mass (link to the live stream at SJB...Mass begins this morning at 9:00AM):

Enjoy some outside time:

Leo playing hopscotch

Felicity and Maribel: the joy of puddled water!

Join Ivy in cursive writing

Lena writing words with the moveable alphabet

Clara working on reading comprehension.
Where do Montessori children work?

Ben, cozy under a blanket

Benjamin: Sitting at a table/desk

Cora: Walking around

Lena: Lower table or Clara: Tall table
How about on a table?
Or on the Floor?
St. John the Baptist Montessori students know how to work and are getting it done!!

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